We all know that the wig after a period of wearing will be more or less damage to the lace and hairline. It can not be avoided.

If we buy a new wig directly, the cost is too much, therefore, we have a simple and low-cost maintenance solution -- Replaceable Lace Frontal.

Just as its name implies, you just need to replace the lace front area of the wig with a new lace frontal, then you’ll get a “new” wig. It’s easy to implement as long as you know the steps.

How Does It Works

  • Step One

    Flip the broken wig over and secure it.

    wig repair solution
  • Step Two

    Align the replacement’s ears to the top of the head and fix the lace front.

    wig repair solution
  • Step Three

    Sew from one side of the ear and sew two rows with fish thread.

    wig repair solution
  • Step Four

    Fasten up hair on the new front with a rubber band.

    wig repair solution
  • Step Five

    Cut off the newly replaced front elastic net along the sewing edge.

    wig repair solution
  • Step Six

    Cut off the old lace front along the sewing edge.

    wig repair solution

Smooth the hair with a comb and then you will get the new wig.

If you have any troubles with the tutorial, don’t hesitate to contact customer service sales for help.